High-speed electro-optical interconnects for a digital tomorrow

Silicon Organic Hybrid PhotoniX

Our mission is to provide
scalable  and sustainable solutions
by enhancing
silicon photonics
through engineered
organic materials.


A perfect match

Advanced silicon photonic circuits complemented by engineered organic electro-optic materials for highly efficient manipulation of light. 

Electro-optic modulators with disruptive performance

Sub-volt drive voltages for ultra-low
energy dissipation

Monolithic co-integration with established
silicon photonics

Modulation at symbol rates of
100 GBd and beyond

Pi-voltage below 1 V

Electro-optic bandwith above 50 GHz @ 3 dB

Operating wavelengths between 1250 nm and 1650 nm

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Silicon Organic Hybrid MPW Runs

Exploit SilOriX’s proprietary modulator technology along with
the full portfolio silicon photonic devices.


At the backbone of a connected world. From datacom to quantum computing. 


SilOriX modulators enable data transmission at high bandwidth (of up to 100GHz). Along with low insertion losses and CMOS-compatible drive voltages. Those features render SilOriX modulators to be an ideal candidate for future optical interconnects.

6G Networks

Life around the globe is getting more connected each day. Autonoumous driving, the Internet of Things and sophisticated mobile networks like 5G and 6G are already shaping our daily life and will strongly increase to do so in the future. All those technologies rely on fast, compact and cost-efficient optical switches, as provided by SiloriX.


The low energy consumption of the SilOriX technology enables data egress at cryogenic temperatures for applications in cryogenic and quantum computing.
The optical link offers higher bandwidth compared to an electrical link, simultaneously reducing parasitic heating of the temperature sensitive computing core.


Who we are

SilOriX is a high-tech start-up with the focus to scale-up and commercialize efficient solutions for high speed data transmission.

Where we are from

Our knowledge is based on over 10 years of cutting-edge research in the field of silicon-organic hybrid electro-optic interconnects.

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Carsten Eschenbaum

and Co-Founder

Carsten is responsible for the chip design and the opto-electronic packaging of the SilOriX devices.

He studied microsystem technology and received his PhD in electrotechnical engineering of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Afterwards, he was leading research groups in the field of printed sensor systems and hybrid photonic integrated circuits.

Adrian Mertens

and Co-Founder

At SilOriX Adrian leads the process development regarding the organic components.

Adrian studied Physics and received a PhD in engineering investigating organic electro-optic devices at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). During his time as a postdoc at KIT, Adrian worked in the field of printed organic sensor-systems.

Christian Koos

Strategic technology advisor
and Co-Founder

Christian received the PhD (Dr.-Ing.) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe in 2007. From 2008 to 2010, he was affiliated with the Corporate Research and Technology department of Carl Zeiss AG, where he led the technology forecast in the area of nanotechnology.

Since 2010, he is a full professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where he is heading the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics (IPQ). Christian has received several research awards and prestigious grants and is actively engaged in start-up companies in the field of photonics.